How to Help

There are three main ways to help:

1. Making a donation in cash

2. Making a donation in kind

3. Donating your time


Making a donation in cash / via credit card

The table below shows what a difference your Rand makes.
If given each month enables us to feed one child every Saturday, Sunday and daily during school holidays.
Will buy a child a school shirt for a primary age child
buys a pair of shorts for a primary school child
buys a book for the library
buys a skirt for a high school child or the food, clothing and education costs of a vulnerable child for one week
covers a high school child's school fees for one year or a pair of trousers for a high school pupil
buys a pair of school shoes
pays for a basic monthly food parcel for a family
pays for a full uniform including shoes for a high school pupil
covers the salary of a creche assistant
covers one month's salary of a house mother
buys a bookcase
buys a 5,000 litre water tank to collect harvested rainwater
buys a 10,000 water tank to collect harvested rainwater
buys a Pentium 4 computer & printer or a notebook computer
buys food for Ekukhanyeni children for one month
will enable us to build a basic one room house for a single sex child headed household
will enable us to build a basic two room house with a small kitchen
will enable us to build a basic three room house with a small kitchen
would enable us buy a Quad bike to visit homesteads
pays for local labour and materials for one full size classroom
buys a bakkie
would enable us to build a cluster foster home

Monthly donations can be made via Stop Order.

Credit card payments or one off cash donations can be made by depositing at any bank to Zisize's account. Our details are:

Account Name: Zisize (Ingwavuma) Educational Trust
First National Bank, PO Box 98, Pongola 3170, KwaZulu Natal
Sort code: 270124
Cheque Account no. 62052959172

Or by sending a cheque made payable to Zisize (Ingwavuma) Educational Trust to PO Box 232, Ingwavuma 3968.

If you are an RSA taxpayer we can provide you with a Donation Certificate for SARS.


Making a donation in kind

Donations in kind can be made:
  • by giving a gift of e.g. a book, uniform, children's clothes, (new or second hand in good condition) curtains, bedding, furniture - anything which will be of use.
  • by purchasing / commissioning items made by local women which does not help Zisize directly but helps those we help.
  • by donating an item from our wish list at bottom of page

Donating your time

  • organise a fund raising event
  • make Zisize your charity for sponsored event

If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us by email.


Wish List

Main centre – Funds needed to equip/run it

  • Vinyl or laminate flooring for the creche wing
  • Garden furniture
  • Library:- Tables. Additional Bookcases. Additional books, especially isiZulu books.
  • Reception: sofas. Coffee table
  • Computer suite 2 printers, educational software
  • Office:- computer. Printer. Desks. Filing/storage cupboards
  • Preschool/ Care:- Educational toys. Outdoor play climbing frames and pedal cars, bikes. Construction toys. isiZulu books. Jigsaws. Dressing up clothes.
  • Funds to build two new Zisize creches or convert/renovate buildings
  • After school:- art materials, construction toys. More difficult jigsaws. Computer games & computer. Tables & chairs
  • Youth. Musical instruments. Computer. Pool table.  Table tennis. Sports equipment.
  • Running costs. Water, electricity, staff salaries, phone, petrol

Manyiseni Centre

  • Fencing to extend plot
  • Additional stock
  • Installation of electricity
  • Photocopier
  • playground

School building

  • Classrooms at Mbalekelwa Primary School
  • Classrooms/hall at Ingwavuma High School
  • Classrooms at Ohhoye High School.

Feeding programmes at weekends and school holidays

  • R750 per month to provide an evening meal for children studying at the main centre
  • An estimated R16650 per month to feed the identifed 666 children in need at weekends and during school holidays

Ekukhanyeni Refuge

  • Furniture
  • Cover of food and care costs for children not in receipt of Foster Grants

Access to education

  • Covering uniform and fees for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school.
  • Bursary fund to enable capable children to access teritary education

Innovative schemes requiring large scale funding

  • Cluster foster home building for six children and a carer in each house
  • Skills training centre for non academic children
  • Job creation for school leavers. Café/ gift shop/
  • Day Nursery
  • Fencing, water tanks to ensure that organic home gardens survive and thrive
  • Boreholes in each community to ensure access to water year round