Zisize's Projects


Zisize’s focus has always been ‘the child’. Its desire is to see an improvement in the life of each child it touches. Zisize does this

  • via activities based at Zisize Centre, which either benefit children directly or through their teachers
  • via activities based at schools and in communities
  • via holistic support to Orphans and Vulnerable Chlidren.

Current Projects

Zisize Centre at KwaQatha, Ingwavuma, which runs a creche, preschool class, library, after school play facility, a homework and study group and holiday play schemes. Teachers' workshops are run there and facilities made available for lesson preparation and study. Food gardens cover large areas of the site.


Zisize Centre at Manyiseni, built in May 2004 with a donation from graduate trainees of The Diamond Trading Company and equipped by them. This runs an after school play scheme, lending library service, study group, Soul Buddyz life skills group and crèche for 2 to 4 year olds.


Ekukhanyeni Cluster Foster Homes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children at Majwayiza. We are currently caring for 28 children aged from 4 to 18 years, who either have no surviving family able to care for them, have been abandoned or who have been abused by care givers.Our aim is to have a home for every six children. We are expanding fostering into the community, recruiting and training carers.


Feeding Schemes for the most vulnerable children at Okhayeni, Mpontshini, Manyiseni, Entabayengwe, Mgedula and Ekuhlehleni Primary Schools  and their siblings, plus a seventh scheme at Zisize's KwaQatha Centre (663 total in May 2008). Meals are provided each weekend and daily during school holidays. We have also started a term time feeding scheme at Ingwavuma High School for 150 children in Grade 12 as there is no government nutrition scheme at High Schools.

Fruit and vegetable gardens, fencing and the installation of a supply of water and/or rain water tanks at the sites of all the feeding schemes. Extensive vegetable gardens ar KwaQatha Centre the produce from which is used at schools and in food parcels.

Family sponsorship scheme linking UK donors with some of the most needy families in the community of Majwayiza to provide them with a monthly food parcel to ensure basic nutrition for the whole family.


Getting to School. School uniform provision for identified vulnerable children in our existing areas of operation.

Payment of school fees or negotiation for exemptions.

Provision of stationery for High School pupils who cannot afford to buy their own.


Building Programmes. We have received funds from the Uk to build classrooms at Mpontshini and Mgedula. We have built small homes, for four 18 year old boys, on Zisize land and a two roomed house for three sisters and their babies, all former residents of Ekukhanyeni, We are undertaking a building programme to repair or replace dilapidated stick and stone homes of Child Headed Households


Assessment, Skills for Life & Therapeutic Interventions which include:

The Radio Project which is working with pupils from Entabayengwe and Okhayeni Primary Schools and Hig School pupils with current and former pupils of Okhayeni Primary School.

IQ testing by our intern psychologist.

Foster Care Grant assessments and report writing

Counselling & therapy for bereaved and abused children.

Life Skills Clubs , Memory Box, Hero Books and Forum Theatre.

Mentor scheme to support orphans & vulnerable children at home

Career Guidance


HIV/AIDS Our nurse conducts awareness raising sessions with teachers, parents and High School pupils. She also offers confidential counselling and testing for the virus. The Forum Theatre Plays also raise awareness, openness and encourages testing and safe sex practices


Developing Educators Our Educational Development Officer conducts workshops for teachers from up to ten primary schools in literacy and running a classroom library. She also provides mentoring for nine schools and runs workshops in thematic lesson planning for Early Childhood Development. We employ a consultant to provide numeracy training to teachers from the 9 partner schools and Zisize staff conduct monitoring visits.


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